Our delighted customers want to tell you
why they love Knock out!® products! Here's
the skinny on what women are saying!


  • “I’ve never spent more than $12 on panties before these, but they are worth every penny!” -- Kelly, 43, Stay-home Mom

  • “The price seemed high to me, but I tried them based on a friend’s recommendation. Now that I have them, I am hooked and have bought more!” -- Lydia , 67, Artist

  • “The liner technology is unbelieveable – the most compelling feature I’ve seen in a panty, worth every penny!” -- Sue, 43, Product Manager

  • “Thumbs up! I’m sold!” -- Mary, 48, Stay-home Mom

  • “These panties take care of everything!” -- Kathryn, 42, Stay-home Mom


  • “I buy my lingerie in Paris, Knock out!® has changed all of that!”
        -- Gloria, 48, Attorney

  • “I love having a lacy, sexy panty - that works!
        -- Kim, 46, Entrepreneur

  • “My husband loves the lace, he has no idea about the liner.”
        -- Heather, 48, Flight Attendant


  • “I usually change clothes when I get home from work, panties , too. But not anymore - my Knock outs!® stay fresh all day and night!” -- Sybil, 28, Art Dealer

  • “I wore mine with white pants to a board meeting. How’s that for confidence! I love them!” -- Carrie, 38, Accountant

  • “ I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but the results surprised me! They not only look sexy, but they delivered as promised – staying dry and fresh all day long!”
        -- Penny, 42, Counselor

  • “Really, really, comfortable – and no odor! Unbelievable!” -- Blair, 44, Stay-home Mom

  • “It’s amazing – they don’t get that sweaty feeling - very high tech!” -- Megan, 25, Attorney

  • “I wear them exercising – the dryness is terrific! I can’t believe it’s really cotton!”
        -- Sarah, 22, College Student

  • “I forgot to pack extra panties for a 2 day golf tournament – but my Knock outs!® took care of me! Wow! Amazing !” -- Kelly, 40, Real Estate Agent

  • “Breathability is terrific – I would never have thought cotton could do all of this!”
        -- Lillie, 55, Real Estate Agent

  • “The odor control is top notch!” -- Catherine, 43, Relocation Agent


  • “They fit as well as my old favorites, but with this new liner, I am sold!”
        -- Louise, 27, Banker

  • “I am very picky about how my underwear fits – these panties fit well and work!”
        -- Paige, 40, Yoga Instructor

  • “I didn’t expect the liner to work. Incredulously it worked as advertised and was light and comfortable.” -- Louise , 58, Web Designer

  • “After biking, I could definitely tell a difference - much drier than normal - and more comfortable!” -- Lark, 40, Photographer

  • “The comfort and technology met my expectations a million times over. I am telling everyone I know about this product!” -- Susan, 40, Photographer

  • “I love the 100% cotton liner – it’not bulky or thick! Much better than wearing a panty liner!” -- Heather, 39, College Professor

For All Ages

  • “I bought them for me - and my 12 year old! ” -- Jane, 45

  • “These panties are the bomb!” -- Anna, 18, College Student

  • “I don’t wear anything but my Knock outs!®-- Diana, 25, MBA Student

  • “I love the liner – finally a product that does what it says it will do!” -- Janet, 56, Attorney

  • “Bravo! I have been waiting for a panty like this – and now I have a drawer full!”
        -- Heather, 48, Flight Attendant

  • “They look and feel like regular panties, but by the end of the day, I could definitely tell the liner was something special!” -- Angie, 40, Teacher

Girl Talk

  • “I love my Knock outs!®-- Jane Elizabeth, 40, Trainer

  • “I look for products made in the USA love that these are made here.” -- Katy, 27, Mom

  • “I look for Knock out!® panties in my drawer – by far my favorites!” -- Terri, 48, Aroma Therapist

  • “Not only are they pretty, but they do as promised!  I wear mine everyday!”
        -- Mary Jo, 48, Stay-home Mom

  • “All I can say is – YES! FINALLY!” -- Virginia, 40, Stay-home Mom

  • “This is a great product! I am telling every woman I know!” -- Shelly, 25, Guidance Counselor

  • “Awsome is all I can say! I love them and own a dozen!” -- Elyse, 36, Consultant