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Lisa Ann, a legendary figure in the adult entertainment industry, has had a fascinating life and career. From her beginnings in the industry to her retirement and subsequent ventures, Lisa Ann’s story is one of resilience, determination, and success. In this article, we’ll dive into her life and explore her background, career, relationships, and more.

Early Life and Background

Full Name: Lisa Anne Corpora Nickname: Lisa Ann Date of Birth: May 9, 1972 Nationality: American Zodiac Sign: Taurus Religion: Christianity Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Lisa Ann was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, to a working-class family. She had a difficult upbringing, with her parents separating when she was young. Lisa Ann took on various jobs to make ends meet, including working as a stripper in her teenage years.

Physical Attributes

Height5’2″ (157 cm)
Weight119 lbs (54 kg)
Body Measurements38-20-34 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Lisa Ann Bikini Photos

Throughout her career, Lisa Ann has been known for her stunning physique and sultry appearance. She often shared bikini photos on her social media accounts and her official website. These images showcase her dedication to fitness and her confidence in her own body.

Lisa Ann Bikini Photos With Videos


Lisa Ann began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 1994. She quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most recognizable stars in the business. Lisa Ann retired from the industry in 1997, citing concerns over the growing prevalence of HIV in the industry.

During her hiatus from the adult industry, Lisa Ann pursued other ventures, including owning and operating a day spa and working as a feature dancer in gentlemen’s clubs. She returned to the adult film industry in 2006 and continued to work until her final retirement in 2014.

In addition to her work in the adult industry, Lisa Ann has also made appearances in mainstream media. She has guest-hosted various radio shows and has even appeared in a music video for Eminem.

After her retirement, Lisa Ann transitioned into a career as a sports radio personality. She hosts her own show, “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy,” on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, where she shares her insights and knowledge about fantasy sports.

Personal Life and Relationships

Lisa Ann has always been private about her personal life, and little is known about her relationships. She has never been married and does not have any children. Lisa Ann has been open about her bisexuality and has had relationships with both men and women throughout her life.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Lisa Ann’s estimated net worth is around $4 million. Her wealth comes from her successful career in the adult industry, as well as her various business ventures and her work in radio.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of her work, Lisa Ann is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching basketball, football, and baseball. She is particularly passionate about fantasy sports and shares her knowledge and predictions with her radio show audience.

Lisa Ann also enjoys maintaining her physical fitness and is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. She practices yoga and enjoys cooking healthy meals at home.


From her beginnings in the adult industry to her current role as a sports radio host, Lisa Ann has consistently defied expectations and built a successful career for herself. Her story is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and pursuing one’s passions.

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