Undergarment performance starts with the liner. Knock out!® Smart Panties™ use a soft, natural, 100% cotton liner that is anything but normal! The NO TRACE garments have technology that enables cotton fabric to wick moisture away from the body, pulling it to the outer side of the liner, dispersing it, and not allowing it to move back toward the body. The one-way wicking power outperforms not only traditional cotton, but leading synthetic wicking products in side-by-side testing. Smart Panties™ almost eliminate the need for panty liners most days.

“They'll Keep You Feeling Ready For Anything...At Any Time” ‑Oprah.com
“Pretty Things That Work” ‑ABC News
“Sweat & Odor Transformed…A Scientific Breakthrough!” ‑Fox News
“Problem Solving Panties” ‑CNN

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