NO TRACE® garments have patented odor technology built right into the natural fabrics. Treated with a gentle but powerful process, the natural fibers in the fabric bond with natural odor absorbing molecules that act like tiny "pockets" that encapsulate odor. The pockets only release the odor particles when you want them to - in the washer!

Once washed and dried, the pockets are ready to absorb again - all day long! These pockets won't wash out or rub off on you - they last wash after wash for the life of the fabric. These natural molecules are safe and widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and Febreeze air spray.

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“Pretty Things That Work” ‑ABC News
“Sweat & Odor Transformed…A Scientific Breakthrough!” ‑Fox News
“Problem Solving Panties” ‑CNN

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