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  sweat & moisture absorbing underwear
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
ABC News says these underwear are pretty things that work

CNN calls these sweat absorbing panties problem solving

CNBC announces SmartPanties is a Top 15 Global Startup

Sweat doesn't stand a chance against the moisture absorbing capabilities of our patented NO TRACE technology.

Performance starts with the liner. Knock out! Smart Panties™ use an ultra-thin (1mm), soft, 100% natural cotton liner that is anything but normal! The dual-action wicking technology built into all of our garments outperforms not only traditional cotton, but leading synthetic wicking products in side-by-side testing.

The embedded technology enables our cotton fabric to wick moisture away from the body, pulling it to the outer side of the liner, dispersing it, and not allowing it to move back toward the body. See FAQ Below

Smart Panties™ eliminate the need for panty liners most days.

Made in the USA , Smart Panties™, environmentally safe, American Supima Cotton. Styles include, Briefs, Panties, Thongs, Bikinis and Boy Shorts.

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ultra-thin dual-action 100% Supima Cotton liner

Sweat Absorbing Underwear
Moisture Absorbing Features of Smart Panties
  • Underwear uses an ultra thin liner (1mm)

  • Patented One-Way Wicking Technology

  • Dual action wicks 6X better than any competitor

  • Made in USA with soft, comfortable Supima Cotton

  • Soft, breathable, comfortable

  • Machine washable - can't wash out
    absorbing & wicking performance

  • Completely safe for you & the environment

  • Doctor Recommended, Anti-microbial

  • Patented NO TRACE® technology eliminates odor

  • Eliminates the need for pantie liners most days



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Cotton usually feels clammy when it's wet - how does the liner in this underwear work?
A. The 100% Supima cotton finished with our patented NO TRACE technology is made with a special combination of cotton fibers - some for wicking and others for absorbing. Our ultra-thin cotton liner (1mm) has an inner layer of fibers, next to the skin, that pull sweat and other moisture away from the body. Instead of just pulling moisture through, as some other products do, our patented NO TRACE technology has another layer of wicking fibers running throughout to quickly disperse the moisture across the liner. This dual action effect leaves you feeling drier, quicker and your clothes protected.

 Q. How much moisture can the liner absorb?
A. The liner can absorb up to 0.75 teaspoon of fluid. Most drips, spots, or sweat are less than 0.25 teaspoon.

Q. How are my clothes protected if the liner is "damp"?
A. Knock out!® Smart Panties™ include a hidden, breathable waterproof treatment on the outer panty panel. This allows maximum breathing and faster drying times while keeping your clothing protected. And you don't even know it is there!


Q. How does the liner feel? Is it comfortable?
A. The Smart Panties™ liner is 100% natural, soft, cotton. The French terry construction is highly breathable, without the raised loops of regular terry cloth. With our 1mm liner, you will, feel drier, fresher and more comfortable all day!

Q. Do Knock out!® Smart Panties™ look any different than regular panties?
A. No. Made with beautiful Supima Cottons, and luxurious stretch lace, our styles were specifically selected to give women attractive choices in thongs, bikinis, boy shorts, and full coverage panties and briefs. Performance is the difference.